The Power of the Right Touch

Remedial massage, administered by trained therapists, can benefit individuals from all walks of life. Jackie Messaike, founder of Jackie’s Sports, explains.

Q: What are some of the benefits that regular massages from trained therapists can bring?
Trained massage therapists are skilled in Remedial Massage, whereby we are able to identify where a client’s tight areas are, have the required techniques by which we use to massage and release these problem areas.

Along with our extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and our experience with what causes pain in our body and muscles, we are able to tailor make a specific treatment plan for each individual that has longterm benefits and pain relief. Regular massage is recommended as part of a healthy living plan.

Most people have no idea how tight their bodies are or issues they have until a massage therapist is able to point them out in a massage session. Our bodies do not like to feel discomfort, so over many years of growing tightness your body will work overtime to make sure you are unaware of any underlying issues/ muscle tightness. When you actually do feel the pain, it can be after many years of built-up tightness, where your body has compensated in whatever way it can so that you do not feel uncomfortable.

We recommend that individuals check with a qualified remedial/ sports massage therapist at least on a monthly basis so that we can massage and rid your body of these problem areas before they become a painful injury.

Q: How does remedial massage benefit people of different ages and lifestyles?
Remedial massage has a wealth of benefits to every person – regardless of whether they play sport, work in an corporate environment, are expecting a baby, or run a busy household.
Stressed office workers have poor posture and often spend many hours sitting behind a desk. Our bodies are designed to move, and not be sitting in one position for hours on end. Our bodies are also meant to be in extension movements (backwards) rather than flexion (forwards) positions, which puts enormous pressure on our spine and disc. This is why after years of desk work, many office workers tend to suffer from lower back pain, headaches, back injuries and other related injuries. Massage has enormous benefits for anyone desk bound and under stress.

Firstly massage lowers stress levels and helps your tight muscles to let go, thereby improving posture and the constant strain on your spine and discs. Massage also helps with our body’s functional movement patterns, which are often dysfunctional after years of a corporate lifestyle.

Busy mothers, like myself, never get down time. We are constantly on the go and put everyone’s care ahead of our own. As a working mum with three small boys, I am often run down, exhausted and have back pain due to lifting small children, cleaning the house, hours at work on the computer, amongst other daily activities. The least I (and other busy Mums) can do for myself is a weekly massage to give my body a break and the opportunity to stop for 60 minutes so that my body can revive and release some stress so that I can nurture the rest of my family once again.

At Jackie’s Sports Massage, we are inundated with busy mums who have chronic upper back and lower back pain associated balancing both a corporate job and the business of running a family/household. I personally think it is extremely important for mothers to put themselves first in order for their family to reap the rewards of a happier, healthier and more energised mum.

Pregnant women have so many changes happening in their bodies throughout pregnancy that it is highly recommended to book in for a pregnancy massage to help their muscles adjust to their changing shape. As an expecting mother’s body grows, there is enormous pressure put on her back and legs. Fluid can accumulate and stress can build as the anticipation for this new baby builds.
Massage can help move fluid retention out of her body, and it helps release those tight aching muscles in the mum’s tired back. As the stress hormones decrease and the happy hormones are released throughout the massage, the benefits also get passed on to bub. Regular pregnancy massage can also help improve an expecting mother’s troubled sleep, which is almost always a side affect of pregnancy.

Sporting enthusiasts work hard and play hard, so injury prevention is the key here. With any form of exercise, there must also be stretching and massage scheduled into a training program to keep injuries at bay. Tight muscles lead to injuries. A sporting individual can suddenly tear or develop inflammation around joints due to muscles that are so tight that they are pulling on joints and causing friction within. Full-time professional athletes know that weekly massage therapy needs to be scheduled into any training regime.

Unfortunately the “corporate athlete” is usually so time poor, juggling a career and sporting interests that massage and stretching can be the last thing on the list to make time for. This needs to be in reverse as the corporate athlete usually has no down time or recovery time, and are often clients we see the most, coming to our clinic injured and missing out on the game or the event they have been training so hard for.

60+ individuals can really benefit from massage. The power of touch cannot be underestimated, and the sad reality is as we get older we tend to be touched less. Our kids have grown, sometimes partners have left us, people around us are busy or no longer around… there is suddenly less cuddles and intimacy in our lives.

Massage is so powerful as it enhances our mood and really does make us feel happy. To relax and let someone nurture your body and soul is truly one of the best things we can do for ourselves in any stage of life… even more so as we grow old. To keep our muscles as supple as possible and our functional day to day movements fluid is vital if we want to stay as mobile as long as possible.

Q: What are the qualities of a good massage therapist?
A good massage therapist is one who listens to their clients’ needs, knows how to seek out tight areas, and has an extensive range of massage techniques in their ‘tool box’ to use when required to massage for pain relief or injury management.

A good massage therapist also is great with their communication skills and bedside manner in helping clients understand the treatment process and to feel at ease and comfortable throughout the experience. They should be friendly in nature and knowledgeable of the muscular anatomy.

A good massage therapist knows to stops on client’s sore spots and stays there with the right amount of massage pressure until it releases. There is nothing more annoying than having a massage that does not address your issues, or a massage that is not deep enough for your muscles to release so that you can feel better. A skilled therapist knows the right pressure that is good for every individual.

Q: Why is it important to get massage treatments only from certified and trained therapists, such as the team at Jackie’s Sports Massage?
Our body is so precious! Would you seek advice from an unqualified doctor or naturopath? Massage is the same. You must seek out a qualified remedial massage therapist to ensure you receive a high standard treatment from someone who has been trained professionally and understands the human body at a diploma level of anatomy and physiology.
In the ‘wrong hands’, injuries can be made worse or you can have little or no pain relief from your symptoms, making that particular massage treatment a waste of your time and money.
At Jackie’s Sports Massage, we specialise only in Remedial Massage using firm pressure if required to help release any pain or tight areas in the body. We have a reputation for being Deep Tissue experts, however we do work within our clients’ comfortable pain range in any given treatment.
All therapists are trained by myself, where I pass down my 25 years of experience and knowledge in remedial massage to every member of my team before they start. This ensures all therapists are highly skilled in their massage techniques and able to give every client at JSM a uniform treatment in Remedial Massage Therapy.


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