The Science behind massage… What actually happens when you have a massage?

Hormonal Effects

The biggest and most researched benefit of massage is the effect it has on our hormones. When we are stressed our cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine (Stress hormones) levels increase, causing symptoms such as high blood pressure, mental anxiety and decreased immunity. These can be contributing factors to heart attacks, strokes and more… Massage has been proven to LOWER the level of STRESS HORMONES in your body, balancing your hormones and leaving you to feel more relaxed. Additionally, serotonin (The Happy Hormone) is released helping to reduce depression, and stress symptoms improving your mental wellbeing.

Phyisical Effects

A muscle “knot” is a small bunched up group of muscle fibers in spasm, which contain excess lactic acid, unusual deposits of protein and other bodily toxins. We get muscle knots by over working our muscles, accidents and injuries plus from stress that we encounter on a daily basis. When a Massage therapist applies pressure to your muscles the primary response to this touch is that the nervous system, circulatory system and digestive system is ACTIVATED thereby helping to rid the toxins out of your body and helping the body to relax and stop that muscle from its constant state of spasm. The muscle knot then is able to dissipate through these activated bodily functions.  Thereby restoring proper function and mobility to your muscle.

The best way to see if massage therapy is for you is to visit a qualified remedial massage therapist and ask yourself this:

  1. How did it make you feel?
  2. Was there a change in your range of motion and mobility?
  3. Has there been any pain relief?

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