The Benefits Of A Pregnancy Massage

Recent research studies show that pregnancy massage does more than just give symptom relief to things like lower back pain, fluid retention and stress. The Touch Research Institute in Miami, Florida did some case studies and found that as well as all the listed benefits below,  women also had fewer complications during their delivery as well as fewer postnatal complications. The report stated shorter hospital stays, shorter labor times and less postpartum depression. Regular pregnancy massage should be a part of every woman’s healthy pregnancy plan. Some of the benefits are outlined below.

Decreases Fluid Retention

Massage helps to ease lower back pain associated with pregnancy through addressing the lumbosacral tilt that occurs.

Ease Lower Back Pain

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Prepare Your Body For Breastfeeding

Regular massage during pregnancy can help to relieve those tense shoulders, chest and back and also help prepare you for the breastfeeding stage where you will be leaning over baby a lot.

Helps With Sleep

Massage works very effectively on the nervous system to induce a sense of calm, which then in turn helps you to sleep better and help your baby to grow healthier.

Improve Circulation

Massage helps increase circulation, which helps to transport oxygen and nutrients to the cells better. This then provides your baby with better nourishment and oxygen supply. Increasing circulation also helps reduces the changes of varicose veins forming.


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