The Science behind massage… What actually happens when you have a massage?

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Hormonal Effects The biggest and most researched benefit of massage is the effect it has on our hormones. When we are stressed our cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine (Stress hormones) levels increase, causing symptoms such as high blood pressure, mental anxiety and decreased immunity. These can be contributing factors to heart attacks, strokes and more… Massage […]

Why is early intervention of Massage Therapy important?

3. Early intervention

As we know, the human body does not like to feel pain or discomfort. When your muscles start to feel tension build up another muscle will take over and start to work harder to take the pressure off the initial tight area so that we don’t feel any pain.  Over the course of our lives […]

Put Down Your Phone, and Get a Massage Right Now

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Getting a massage is one of those health care treatments that has unfortunately been placed in the ‘luxury’ category. As a general rule, men only seek out the heaven-sent treatment when we’re irreparably sore from training, or between piña coladas on an island getaway. But we’re missing out on something truly great, and the ancient […]

The Power of the Right Touch

The power of the right touch

Remedial massage, administered by trained therapists, can benefit individuals from all walks of life. Jackie Messaike, founder of Jackie’s Sports, explains. Q: What are some of the benefits that regular massages from trained therapists can bring? Trained massage therapists are skilled in Remedial Massage, whereby we are able to identify where a client’s tight areas are, […]