Can Massage Make Me Faster?

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The other day, a client asked me, “Can massage make me faster?” 

As a massage therapist, my immediate thought was a resounding yes! However, I wanted to back this up with some research and trial-based evidence.

 The Impact of Massage on Muscle Health

Regular massages can significantly enhance the health of your muscles by addressing issues that can inhibit performance. If you’ve ever had a massage, you’ve likely experienced relief from tightness and tender lumps. This tightness can prevent your muscles from functioning normally. By alleviating these issues, massages can help your muscles work more efficiently and effectively.

 Evidence from Research Studies

Several studies support the performance-enhancing benefits of massage:

Study One

During a 10-day training camp, athletes who received 30-minute remedial massages each evening showed greater muscle mass, improved oxygen uptake, and increased strength, speed, and agility compared to those who did not receive massages. This study demonstrates how consistent massage therapy can contribute to better overall physical performance.

Study Two

In a 10-week training camp preparing for a 10 km race, half the athletes received weekly 30-minute massages. All the athletes who received massages finished the race, while only 53% of those who didn’t receive massages completed it. This indicates that regular massages can enhance endurance and completion rates in competitive events.

Study Three

Over a three-week training camp, athletes who received a 60-minute remedial massage each evening reported significantly reduced fatigue compared to those who did not receive massages. Reduced fatigue allows athletes to train harder and recover faster, contributing to improved performance over time.

 Benefits of Massage for Performance Enhancement

These studies highlight the benefits of massage, not only for injury prevention and recovery but also for enhancing performance in marathons, fun runs, or other athletic events. Regular massages help:

Increase Muscle Mass: Promoting muscle growth and strength.

Improve Oxygen Uptake: Enhancing aerobic capacity and endurance.

Boost Speed and Agility: Allowing for quicker and more efficient movement.

Reduce Fatigue: Enabling longer and more intense training sessions.

Practical Advice

So, if you haven’t already, make sure to schedule your weekly remedial massages. This will help ensure that all your hard work and training don’t go to waste and that you avoid pulling out due to injury or being unable to train properly due to tight and sore muscles. By incorporating regular massage therapy into your training regimen, you can significantly enhance your athletic performance and reach your speed goals.

Remember, taking care of your muscles is just as important as the training itself. A well-maintained body is key to achieving peak performance!

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