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Sports Massage

THE BEST SPORTS & REMEDIAL MASSAGE CLINIC IN SYDNEY based on the feedback we have received from hundreds of clients over the past 25 years


30 mins $66 

45 mins $93 

60 mins $121

75 mins $151

90 mins $178

2 hours $231


Jackie learnt the importance of massage therapy early in life as an active sporty teenager who was always injuring herself. She started working alongside some of Sydney’s leading physiotherapists when she was just 16 years old, studied massage straight out of high school and then opened Jackie’s Sports Massage when she was 19 years of age. 25 years later her clinic has grown into a thriving Sports Massage business and her passion and love for massage is still strong as every day Jackie and her team are helping people feel better!

Our mission is pain relief and body awareness. Once you have had a  Jackie’s Sports Massage you become more conscious of your tight areas and how your body feels and how well it really can function after a few treatments. We aim to help  people achieve and maintain a high level of health and wellbeing so they can reach their personal fitness, work or life goals pain and injury free. We are passionate about massage excellence and providing a premium service. We want to educate everyone on the importance of regular remedial massage therapy for all stages in life. “The greatest wealth is health”

ESTABLISHED since 1998 the clinic has rapidly grown into a highly reputable clinic servicing regular clients who are still coming after 20 years. Hugh and Deborah Jackman, Pat Cash, Lachlan and Sarah Murdoch.are to name just a few of our Clinic regulars

“Jackie is an incredibly talented sports massage therapist. Her expertise, professionalism, calm and friendly demeanour make her not only a joy to deal with, we always know her treatments will be truly fantastic and rehabilitative”.

Lachlan & Sarah Murdoch 2018

“I have been seeing Jackie for over 20 years now every 3 weeks. She has helped me with many sports injuries I have incurred over the years and maintained my aging body so that I can continue to do activities that I enjoy like skiing, marathon running and strength training at the gym. When Jackie is not available I am more than happy to book in with anyone on her team as I find them all to be exceptional and able to pick up where Jackie has left off. I highly recommend Jackie’s Sports Massage to my colleagues, friends and family”.

David Hopkins

"I am a personal trainer and am always in need of an exceptional massage. Jackie and her team really know their stuff and are able to maintain my body so that I can achieve my personal fitness goals and also keep up with my clients. I love and need a really firm pressure massage and I have never met a therapist who can go as firm as Jackie in a really pain relieving and satisfying way. I have been a regular client now of Jackie’s for over 10 years now and I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Aimee Fischer-Gray @AIMEFIT

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you recommend getting a massage ?

At Jackie’s Sports Massage we recommend a monthly massage as a minimum requirement for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. If you have an injury or  pain then we may need to see you weekly initially to help the body balance and become pain free before we get you into a regular monthly maintenance massage. For athletes leading up to an event we recommend weekly sessions to ensure your remain injury free and to help the body cope with your increased exercise levels. For pregnant ladies we also recommend fortnightly to monthly massages leading up to the birth.


Do you need regular massage even if you are not doing competitive or elite level sports??

Tight muscles can develop in anyone, not just elite athletes. Tight muscles can be caused from stress, sitting behind a desk all day,  moderate exercise without stretching, over exercising, walking or running in the wrong type of shoes, the list goes on… 

Anyone is at risk of developing an injury or general muscular pain if they are not seeing a professional sports masseuse on a regular basis.

It’s the old saying that prevention is the best cure and we know this to be true for our health. Well, this applies to our muscular health also.



All of the team are trained by Jackie once hired to ensure that all therapists treat in a uniform manner to give an outstanding massage to every client. There are over 16 therapists to choose from and each brings their own touch and specialties to the clinic. We do have some of Sydney’s best therapists and are 100% confident that after trying out a few you will find your perfect masseuse and have your best massage ever at Jackie’s Sports Massage.

Please see our therapist profile page for more information on each.



We recommend most people to get a monthly remedial massage to maintain good muscle health and to prevent injuries and pain

Some clients do need it more often depending on lifestyle, stress and the amount of sports training they do. If you are desk bound and work long hours or are training for a sporting event such as a marathon or triathlon or are just exercising enough to keep fit then you may need a weekly to fortnightly massage for a while to get you through pain free and performing at your best. Remember “Prevention is better than cure” 



Jackie recommends not to exercise on the same day after your massage treatment. You need to let your body re-set with a good sleep in between your massage treatment and your next training session. Ideally 24 hours rest is best however we know that everyone’s schedules are jam packed and this is not always possible. We have found that having a good night’s rest is enough to ensure your receive all the benefits of your recent Sports Massage.


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