Massage For Kids

Starting early with regular massage is vital for our young growing bodies. Let’s help them now to grow into healthy, pain free adults.
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In today's tech-driven world, our kids are growing up surrounded by screens, from smartphones to tablets.

But did you know that this constant screen time can take a toll on their growing bodies, leading to discomfort and pain in their backs and necks? At Jackie’s Sports Massage, we understand the importance of starting early with regular massage therapy to support our young growing bodies and help them grow into healthy, pain-free adults.

Our Approach

Investing in Their Future Health

From as early as the age of two, children are often exposed to screens, which can contribute to poor posture, muscular imbalances, and discomfort in their backs and necks. But by starting early with regular massage therapy, we can help mitigate these effects and support our children’s growth and development.

The Benefits of Massage For Kids

Massage For Kids has wonderful benefits, both seen in the longer term and the short.
Below are a few reasons how your can benefit from it.
Injury Prevention

For sporting enthusiasts and anyone living a busy lifestyle

Enhanced Performance

Vital for runners, triathletes and fitness enthusiasts

Pain Relief

We find your problem areas causing the pain and massage them away.

Improved Circulation

Amazing for everyones general health by eliminating toxins

Stress Relief

Reduces stress & anxiety by lowering cortisol levels and releasing endorphins

Invest in Your Child's Future Health Today

Don’t wait until discomfort becomes a chronic issue – invest in your child’s future health today with massage therapy at Jackie’s Sports Massage. Book your child’s session now and give them the gift of a healthy, pain-free future. Let’s help them grow into the happy, active adults they deserve to be.

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