Delve into our Services Archive to explore a range of specialised massages, each tailored to meet distinct wellness goals. From easing pregnancy discomforts to alleviating chronic pain, find a therapy that resonates with you.

Massage For Kids

Starting early with regular massage is vital for our young growing bodies. Let’s help them now to grow into healthy, pain free adults.

Dry Needling

Fine needles are inserted to target muscle trigger points which then alleviate pain, release tight knots, and enhance muscle function.

Cupping Therapy

Expertly applied suction cups are applied to promote blood flow, relieve muscle tension, and offer relief from pain.

Lymphatic Massage

Where gentle, rhythmic massage movements promote fluid drainage, reduce swelling & detoxifies your cells.

Pregnancy Massage

Our comfortable pregnancy massage tables allow mothers a relaxing, nurturing, and pain-relieving massage.

Remedial Massage

Perfect for pain relief this targeted hands-on therapy is designed for relief from stressed, tired, and aching muscles.

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