Remedial Massage

Our remedial massage treatments are suited for any age or fitness level. We target your problem areas & release muscle tension, reduces stress related symptoms, help with exercise recovery or sports injuries and provide relief from chronic and acute pain anywhere in your body.

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We identify and relax tight muscles through specialised massage techniques.

Sports massage, a subset of remedial massage, offers medium to deep tissue manipulation, especially suited for anyone who works long hours behind a desk resulting in neck or back pain, people with a busy lifestyle and high stress or fitness enthusiasts with athletic-related muscular injuries. Sports massage therapists have extensive knowledge of different fitness regimes and are trained in many musculo-skeletal complaints plus we collaborate with allied health practitioners like physiotherapists, osteopaths, and chiropractors for a holistic approach to treatment and prevention.

Our Approach

The first sign of needing a Remedial / Sports Massage is muscle tightness or discomfort.

If ignored then this tightness leads to pain. If you push through this pain you can end up with a serious chronic injury such as headaches, lower back discomfort, neck pain, nerve pain and tingling down your arms, sciatica, & sports injuries just to name a few of the common complaints we treat at JSM 

As the saying goes “Listen to your body’s whispers before it has to scream”. We like to massage your pain away before it becomes a serious and debilitating issue.

The Benefits of Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage has wonderful benefits, both seen in the longer term and the short. 

Below are a few reasons how Remedial Massage can benefit you.

Injury Prevention

For sporting enthusiasts and anyone living a busy lifestyle

Enhanced Performance

Vital for runners, triathletes and fitness enthusiasts

Pain Relief

We find your problem areas causing the pain and massage them away.

Improved Circulation

Amazing for everyones general health by eliminating toxins

Stress Relief

Reduces stress & anxiety by lowering cortisol levels and releasing endorphins

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Remedial massage is a therapeutic technique designed to alleviate muscle tension, chronic pain, and promote overall well-being. Through a thorough examination, therapists identify problematic areas and use specialized massage techniques to address these issues, enhancing blood flow, promoting relaxation, and supporting the body’s natural healing process.

Remedial massage is highly recommended for everyone as a healthy ongoing treatment for a healthy lifestyle and for longevity. It offers numerous benefits such as relieving muscle tension and stiffness, improving circulation, reducing stress, and promoting relaxation. It can also aid in the recovery from injuries, improve joint mobility, and enhance overall physical and mental wellness. As we age our body’s natural ability to heal itself decreases so a regular massage is vital to keep your muscles supple and in balance so we can live a long and healthy pain free life.

Remedial massage is the best first step in regards to any aches or pains throughout your body. Its extremely effective in treating a variety of conditions including back pain, neck pain / stiffness, migraines/ headaches, sports injuries, joint pain, stress and insomnia. It can also address postural issues and promotes better body alignment which is the number one thing you can do for injury prevention.

We have many clients who book weekly, fortnightly and monthly massage’s. The frequency of remedial massage sessions varies based on individual needs and the nature of your condition. It’s advisable to consult with your therapist to develop a personalised treatment plan that aligns with your health goals. As a general rule we recommend monthly massages as the bare minimum to a healthy living plan. For our more active clients who are training every day and/ or running marathons, weekly to fortnightly is what we recommend… this is also recommended for busy corporates working long hours behind a desk and who do not have the time to be as active as they should be.

During your initial appointment, our therapist will conduct a comprehensive consultation to understand your health history and treatment goals. Post consultation, you’ll receive a tailored massage treatment aimed at addressing your specific concerns and needs.

Absolutely! All our therapists are certified and possess the necessary qualifications and experience to provide safe, effective remedial massage treatments. Some of our therapists have physiotherapy degrees from overseas which allows them to massage here in Australia however we offer these therapist’s at 10% off even though they are highly qualified simply because we are unable to offer a health fund rebate on their bookings. You will notice next to these specific therapists names it alerts you to a 10% discount. We also have Senior Therapists who have been promoted to this level by Jackie due to their experience and extremely high retention rate with our clients. Our Senior Therapists are $10 higher in rates due to their popular demand.

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