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Remedial & Sports Massage

Sports Massage Overview

Remedial massage is a massage that searches your body for tight muscles and then once located your therapists aim is to massage the problem area to the best of their ability to ensure that muscle relaxes. Sports Massage is also remedial and implies that your massage will be more deep tissue / firm in pressure if requested. Sports massage therapists have a greater understanding &  knowledge of muscular injuries and also work closely with allied health practitioners such as physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors.

Our Approach & What to Expect on Your First Visit

The first sign of needing a Remedial / Sports Massage is muscle tightness or discomfort. If ignored then this tightness leads to pain. If you then push through this pain you can end up with a serious chronic injury such as disc problems, joint inflammation, chronic headaches, inability to turn your head, nerve pain and tingling down your arms, knee or hip replacements, the list goes on and it’s not a good list either! 

As the saying goes “Listen to your body’s whispers before it has to scream”

What to expect on your first visit

Once arriving at our boutique style clinic in Sydney’s CBD clients often say how relaxed they are feeling already. The ambience, candles burning and chilled music create a relaxing vibe so that clients can begin their healing journey on arrival.

We kindly request  arriving 5 minutes early so that you can fill out our new client form which will ask you about your health history and reason for your visit today. We like to make sure we have a clear understanding of what your expectations are, where your pain or muscle tightness is located and what you would like us to focus on in your first massage treatment.

If you are unsure of what you need then that’s fine too as we will assess your body and make a treatment plan for you.

Session notes are recorded on every visit so we can document your recovery and keep a track record of what works best in releasing your body.

Customer service is our number one priority at Jackie’s Sports Massage and we have won awards for service excellence on many occasions.


Enjoy our New Client special offer of $115 for a 60 minute massage when you book online today. We are really excited to meet you and help to start your new journey of muscular health and wellbeing with us here at Jackie’s. Clients tell us that they never knew how  great Remedial massage was until they started coming to see us and they now find it hard to enjoy anywhere else. Clients also often mention how relaxed they feel as soon as they arrive and begin to enjoy the ambience of our relaxing music, candles and decor.  BOOK NOW

How often should i get a massage?

Everyone needs a good firm massage at least once a month if you want to maintain a healthy muscular system free from pain and injury. We are an aging population and never before has society been so busy and stressed. Remedial & Sports Massage should be a part of everyone’s healthy living plan. Once a month is highly recommended.

When can I exercise after my sports Massage?

Jackie recommends not to exercise on the same day after your massage treatment. You need to let your body re-set with a good sleep in between your massage treatment and your next training session. Ideally 24 hours rest is best however we know that everyone’s schedules are jam packed and this is not always possible. We have found that having a good night’s rest is enough to ensure your receive all the benefits of your recent Sports Massage.


Want to TALK to US before booking

Call us now so we can hear your personal case and book you with the most appropriate  therapist available. 



Some of the benefits of Remedial massage?

Injury prevention

SPORTING ENTHUSIASTS work hard and play hard so injury prevention is the key here. With exercise there must also be stretching and massage scheduled into your training program if you want to ensure you remain injury free. Tight muscles cause injuries! You can suddenly tear or develop inflammation around your joints if your muscles are so tight they are pulling on your joints and causing friction within. Full time professional athletes know that weekly massage therapy needs to be scheduled into any training regime. Unfortunately the “corporate athlete” is usually so time poor that massage and stretching can be the last thing on the list to make time for. This needs to be in reverse as the corporate athlete usually has no down time or recovery time so are often the ones we see the most who end up on our door step injured and missing out on the game or the event they have been training so hard for. So my message is… prevention is better than cure for all athletes… book that sports massage today ASAP before it is too late.

Enhanced muscle recovery after exercise

“ In an article by J.D Crane from McMaster University it clearly states that Massage is beneficial for muscle recovery. It has been scientifically proven that massage triggers biomechanical sensors which send inflammation reducing signals to our muscles. At Jackie’s Sports Massage we recommend massage therapy as a vital part of any training or recovery plan if you want a speedy recovery and also to remain injury free.

Improved athletic performance

“ Yes… regular massage therapy does improve athletic performance. Studies have found that massage therapy increases the range of motion in muscles and decreases recovery time between workouts or athletic events. It is also the best remedy if you want to remain injury free whilst training as a good sports massage will make you aware of any tightness in your body that you may have no idea is even an issue. Let us find your tight spots before they turn into an unwanted injury.

Pain relief

Sports Massage helps relieve pain by relaxing painful muscles, tendons and joints which reduces painful contractions and spasms. Massage helps stop the pain by  stimulating nerve fibres impeding the “pain” messages to and from the brain. Once tight areas are released the inflammation can settle down and your pain will go away. Massage is a popular and effective treatment for lower back pain, neck pain and headaches.

Increased circulation

An increase in blood circulation to muscle tissue is one of the most promoted positive effects of massage. One reason for this is that improved blood circulation is supposed to deliver more oxygen and other nutrients to the muscle tissue. A good sports massage will leave your muscles feeling warm and re energised as this new healthy blood flows more freely through your muscle fibres.”

Stress relief

Regular massages can significantly reduce stress and anxiety by reducing cortisol (stress hormone ) and by releasing endorphins which help put you back into that good mood you are craving.Stress affects every part of your body including your muscles. When you carry too much tension it can lead to muscle stiffness and pain. 

ESTABLISHED since 1998 the clinic has rapidly grown into a highly reputable clinic servicing regular clients who are still coming after 20 years. Hugh and Deborah Jackman, Pat Cash, Lachlan and Sarah Murdoch.are to name just a few of our Clinic regulars

“Jackie is an incredibly talented sports massage therapist. Her expertise, professionalism, calm and friendly demeanour make her not only a joy to deal with, we always know her treatments will be truly fantastic and rehabilitative”.

Lachlan & Sarah Murdoch 2018

“I have been seeing Jackie for over 20 years now every 3 weeks. She has helped me with many sports injuries I have incurred over the years and maintained my aging body so that I can continue to do activities that I enjoy like skiing, marathon running and strength training at the gym. When Jackie is not available I am more than happy to book in with anyone on her team as I find them all to be exceptional and able to pick up where Jackie has left off. I highly recommend Jackie’s Sports Massage to my colleagues, friends and family”.

David Hopkins

"I am a personal trainer and am always in need of an exceptional massage. Jackie and her team really know their stuff and are able to maintain my body so that I can achieve my personal fitness goals and also keep up with my clients. I love and need a really firm pressure massage and I have never met a therapist who can go as firm as Jackie in a really pain relieving and satisfying way. I have been a regular client now of Jackie’s for over 10 years now and I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Aimee Fischer-Gray @AIMEFIT

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