Senior Therapist

Remedial Massage + Sports Massage + Pregnancy Massage + Exercise Science
Pressure used
Medium, Firm, Very Firm
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About Crystal


Crystal’s qualifications are Remedial Massage + Pregnancy Massage + Fitness

She has over 13 years of experience. Her pressure can be medium to firm and very firm (as requested).

Embark on a wellness adventure with Crystal, a passionate Health Science enthusiast hailing from the dynamic backdrop of Canada. Her commitment to an energetic lifestyle stems from years of active engagement in competitive sports. Crystal’s personal journey, marked by the challenges of high level sports, discovered how remedial and sports massage not only eases pain but also helps the body heal itself naturally.

Drawing from her personal experiences with injury and recovery, Crystal has emerged as an exceptionally skilled and intuitive massage therapist. Her hands carry the wisdom of personal understanding, navigating your body with precision and care. This unique perspective ensures a tailored and effective approach to address your specific needs.

Allow Crystal, with her Canadian warmth, to guide you through a therapeutic experience where expertise meets empathy. Join her on a journey where every knot untangles, and each session is a step towards rejuvenation and vitality, including targeted pain relief from sports injuries.

Crystal is available for Health Fund rebates. She is a Senior Therapist so her rates are $10 higher.

Client Review: “Because Crystal is amazing! She has great technique and a technical understanding of the body and the best way to work to relieve the pain and tension.”               – Edel W. , September 2023

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